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 The Pit: Dog Eat Dog In Development

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PostSubject: The Pit: Dog Eat Dog In Development   Thu Apr 22, 2010 4:19 am

Lace Mamba Games has announced their new action multi platform game in development scheduled for early 2011 release.

About the game:
"Several years after the last world conflict, which almost erased all the traces of humanity, civilization has collapsed and a cruel and brutal society in which only the fittest survive has emerged. In this inhuman world, in which each region of the earth is ruled by a different clan, ancient tradition and rituals have risen. Now a clan's glory is measured by only one thing: his giant combat domes and the strength of his warriors.

In the fashion of the Roman Empire,there are combat arenas all around the world called Pits. In The Pit slaves, gold hungry soldiers of fortune, ruthless mercenaries and professional fighters searching for the glory in battle fight until they win or die.


She Who Would Be King
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The Pit: Dog Eat Dog In Development
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