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 Nancy Drew Trail of the Twister

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PostSubject: Nancy Drew Trail of the Twister   Wed Apr 28, 2010 3:55 am

It's time to head to the heartland as we announce the upcoming release of Nancy's 23rd case Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister A storm of trouble is on the horizon when you, as Nancy Drew, offer to go undercover as a tornado - chaser in Oklahoma. The forecast for this Adventure game is mysterious with a heavy chance of danger.

Watch the official Teaser to learn more !


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PostSubject: Re: Nancy Drew Trail of the Twister   Mon May 10, 2010 2:02 am

Wow, so many games, can't wait sunny
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PostSubject: Re: Nancy Drew Trail of the Twister   Mon May 10, 2010 2:15 am

Ooooo -wow! Might wanna get this one! If it ever appears as a d/l for $5, PM me, shout, email me, whatever - I'll come and grab it!

Several years ago I wanted to buy the DVD movie "twister" but now that **this** is coming out, I'll probably pass on that movie and get this game - but what does this mean "heavy chance of danger" - does Nancy get hurt, can she get killed, die, is this an action-adventure, or pure point-and-click adventure?

'Cose if Nancy can die or get hurt in this game, I'll pass on the game and get that movie instead (Twister).

EDIT - wait a minute - just checked the website. It says there's arcade stuff in this game - so I'll definatly pass on this game (as I stink at winning arcades) and get that movie instead.
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PostSubject: Re: Nancy Drew Trail of the Twister   

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Nancy Drew Trail of the Twister
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