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 How to do it : Spot the Screenshot quiz.

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PostSubject: How to do it : Spot the Screenshot quiz.   Sun Dec 13, 2009 2:31 am

By Gelert on Mon Jun 1, 2009 at 12:01AM

How to post a screenshot.
I think this is right.
You must use, Imageshack, or similar, to host a screenshot, just like you do on other forums. But, because you can't actually show the screenshot in the thread here, you must post a link to it. To do that, everything you write in this message panel becomes the link to the screenshot. So, to do it . . . . in, for instance,
1). . . . . click on and copy the Direct Link, such as for the first screenshot I posted just now.
2). Click on the globe icon in the forum thread where you reply to a post. That's above where you write, next to B, I, and u.
3). Paste the link.
4). Click on the arrow next to where you pasted the link (to the right of it).
5). Go to the EMPTY message panel where you always write your replies, and write 'Screen test no.2' . . . . or whatever screenhot is due next. It should underline itself as you write it. That become your link to the screenshot.
Whatever you write in the message box is part of the link, so don't be alarmed at the underline.
That should be it. Hope it works for you and we get some screenshot fun going here. Drop me a line if you get stuck.
Bye! Gelert. :-)
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How to do it : Spot the Screenshot quiz.
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