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 Update on 'Until I'm Gone'

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PostSubject: Update on 'Until I'm Gone'   Sat Dec 19, 2009 11:03 pm

Here is an update for the Indie game developed by Faraway Studios 'Until I'm Gone'

Quote :

28th of November 2009

Short answer: NO :-) But let's go through all the reasons one at a time: it has been a very, very long time since our last update. Honestly, there was no time and we didn't really feel like publishing any news. We were glad when we could find some time to continue the development and that's what we did when we had the opportunity. So the release date is put off till 2010. We made a list of the reasons many times before, so if you want to know the details just scroll down a few pages here or click Articles in the menu on the left to get to the developer diaries where everything is explained in detail. Originally, we intended to at least publish a trailer in early December but if we're to publish a trailer it should be a real one with CGI video, voice overs, in-game live footage, music and everything. But as with this news update, we had no time to spend on creating the trailer and we rather focused on the development itself. We could show you the separate pieces, out of context bits of the CGI movies with no sound or fragments of gameplay footage, or at least new screenschots, more music tracks etc. but we don't want to do that... We want to present you with a top notch trailer. We're not sure when that will be, but hope to do that during the first quarter of 2010. I think that's a reasonable deadline. I assure you the trailer will be worth the wait (after all that's why we didn't finish it in time and that's why we don't want to ruin it for you by just releasing some fragments).And how's the project doing in general? Well, the programmer we hired is working but at slower pace then we had expected (due to some personal problems that one sadly cannot influence). We made a mistake and didnt gave him a deadline, like we wanted before, because we're glad that he's at least moving forward (more or less) at all. That's why we decided to hire another paid programmer. The programmer mentioned earlier, who's currently being paid to work on UIG, really is working. He completed the beta version of another chapter and is currently focusing on getting it to the final phase along with an another older chapter (left over by a past programmer). The global source code is finished, and so this way future programmers will have an easier job. Also 3 more chapters (more or less in beta stages) require just and ONLY the final programmers' touch - all the other components of the chapters (the graphics, characters, animations, the sound, the music etc.) have been ready, ready for years now (!!). Up to now all we've been waiting for is a competent programmer to bring it all to life... (!) As you can see when we said a long time ago that one of the greatest problems of the project are the programmers, we weren't kidding (!). We have some contacts already but we're always looking forward to meeting capable game development enthusiasts...

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PostSubject: Re: Update on 'Until I'm Gone'   Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:05 am

Thanks for the up date GreyFuss. It's been on my waiting list a long time. I'm glad to hear that it will be coming out before much longer.

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PostSubject: Re: Update on 'Until I'm Gone'   Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:08 am

This is a perfect example of what a nightmare it must be to get everyone coordinated and on with the job of game development. You have to admire the commitment of these people. I know. I get a hard enough job getting a plumber and an electrician to be at the house at the same time - or EVEN in the same week!

When you here of tiny teams like the Arberth Sudios team of (basically), three individuals, you appreciate how lucky these independent game developers have to be sometimes in managing to assemble a small team of highly skilled, and committed, individuals. Ones that care enough to see it all through to the end ......... often with unpredictable outcomes in terms of financial return. Developers, like Auriond, and the one(s), involved in The Marionette, for instance, astound me even more, as they end up releasing their game for free! It must be a 'love thing'! ❤
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PostSubject: Re: Update on 'Until I'm Gone'   

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Update on 'Until I'm Gone'
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