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 HOG vs Adventure

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PostSubject: Re: HOG vs Adventure   Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:43 pm

I have a confession to after my last post I was actually afraid to come back here yesterday. But I get that way, so this is nothing new for me. It has nothing to do with this thread or StarLite Moon or GreyFuss or hatshepsut or anyone else who posted here. I guess I get these feelings that somehow I did something really wrong, but I don't know what. The feelings aren't as bad as depression, thank goodness, but they aren't fun either. It's a *not knowing* sort of helplessness, maybe, I'm not sure. But then I bounce back, like now I guess, and take a looksee at what happened while I was away getting back my courage or whatever, and everything turns out okay. Until the next time, of course, and in my case there is always a next time! It must be nice to be normal, but I will never know what it is.
However, I would like to say to you especially, StarLite Moon, feeling guilty does not really mean you are guilty of anything and in a way that makes it worse. When one is really guilty of something, the thing to do is to blame someone else. Which is all part of being human, I reckon.
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PostSubject: Re: HOG vs Adventure   Wed Dec 15, 2010 9:48 pm

Miss Mindy

Please see your PM's
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HOG vs Adventure
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