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 Glad It's Over

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PostSubject: Glad It's Over   Glad It's Over EmptyWed Jan 02, 2013 6:00 pm

Good day fellow gamers and Happy New Year. Although I love the holidays, I'm glad these ones are over, now my poor old stomach can relax and take a break. I was so stuffed the sight of food was making me sick. I didn't want to eat for days. The worst was poultry week. We ate so much turkey and chicken my poor hubby's back almost went in his sleep. Poultry are muscle binders and worse when you suffer from chronic back injury. His back is starting to settle.

It was supposed to be a big ham dinner for NY but that was out of the question so we had ribs instead. Not much of a step down but we only had 3 ribs each, they were soooo gooooddddd too. YUM!!!

It's snowing here today, kind of like on the screen right now. It's light and slowing falling. I hope I can get in some more shoveling, but not too much. Not much else going on with me. I had to redo my game pics because when I first created them they were 800x600 so I had to resize all my backgrounds, which thanks to my learning at DB I was able to up size them without any trouble.

Well I'm off to make the rounds, take care for now and here's to a better new year ahead sunny
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Glad It's Over
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