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 "Shadows by the Waterhouse"

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"Shadows by the Waterhouse" Empty
PostSubject: "Shadows by the Waterhouse"   "Shadows by the Waterhouse" EmptySun Apr 05, 2020 10:53 pm

Hello, I am a one-man indiegame developer from Germany with a preference for retro adventures. My newest project is called "Shadows by the Waterhouse / Major Version"  Very Happy


What starts out as an inconspicuous little crime story around an old weir (Chapter 1 / The Waterhouse) condenses into an exciting thriller (Chapter 2 / The Glass Files) that hardly ignores any current question of the future.

In short, everything ultimately revolves around the question of whether there might be a great unknown power behind all events, which is out to steer everything and everyone in a certain direction and ultimately control the whole world? Greetings from George Orwell ... but look here for to read the whole story and having a look at some screenshots:

Have fun!

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"Shadows by the Waterhouse"
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