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 Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister

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Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister Empty
PostSubject: Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister   Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister EmptyWed Apr 28, 2010 4:41 am

It's time to head to the heartland as we announce the upcoming release of Nancy's 23rd case, Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister,. A storm of trouble is on the horizon when you, as Nancy Drew, offer to go undercover as a tornado - chaser in Oklahoma ! The forecast for this Adventure game is mysterious with chance of danger!

A science competition for tornado prediction sounds dangerous enough but when equipment starts falling and crew members are injured, team sponser and gadget maker extradionaire, P.G. Kronmeister, begins to believe that something beyond Mother Nature is looming. He personally invites you to join the team and help reveal the source behind these unnatural disasters. Is it just bad luck that's plaguing the storm - chasers or is someone really sabotaging their chances of winning ?

As a member of the Canute college meteorological team, you'll experience the stormy weather first hand ! From driving the Midwestern plains to snooping in the corn fields, you'll need to keep your wits if you want to avoid troubled skies.

Gear up and head into excitement this June with Nancy Drew. When the chase is on for the next big adventure, you won't want to miss picking up the trail!

Watch the official Teaser to learn more

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Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister
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