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PostSubject: Prominence   Prominence EmptyWed Dec 08, 2010 3:53 am

Prominence is a science - fiction adventure that is being developed by Digital Media Workshop, Inc a small independent team based in New York.

Prominence the Story:

You awaken....
A glow to dim to be anything but emergency lighting illuminates the room. Computer screens and electric equipment here remain dark, unpowered and unresponsive. A gurney, some sort of sophisticated surgical device, an overturned medicine cart, a bioscanner...nothing looks familiar. Or does it ?
What is this place ? How did you get here? What has happened?

With a highly immersive setting and first person viewpoint, Prominence is a point and click science fiction adventure that offers players a chance to explore and discover the secrets behind a unique and high - tech facility.
What begins as simple exploration soon twists and turns its way into an evolving mystery that is revealed through physical clues, audio recordings, data archives and a damaged central computer system in need of repairs.

Game Features:
Prominence is a thought provoking story wrapped in a powerful and highly immersive game experience.

Pre - rendered 3D environments with animated effects.
All of the environments in Prominence are built in 3D and pre - rendered for maximum visual impact and quality. Many of the in-game environments feature animated effects that enhance the realism and immersion.

Story based inventory, environmental and graphical puzzles.
The puzzles and challenges in Prominence are story based. Just as in real life, some of them may have more than one solution. None of the puzzles require lightening fast reflexes or platform gaming skills.

Branching story with multiple endings.
At a particular point you'll be given an opportunity to choose between two different paths. Each path will lead not only to a different ending, but will have different obstacles to overcome and unique environments to explore.

Original soundtrack

Professional voice acting

First person viewpoint
To provide the most immersive experience, Prominence is presented in a first person panoramic view.

Release date coming soon
Official website Here

Prominence Wip_screen02
Prominence Wip_screen01

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