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 Buss Riding

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PostSubject: Buss Riding   Buss Riding EmptySun Nov 20, 2011 9:13 am

lakerz wrote:
Nice to see the games keep flowing in ANG!

Regarding Faust/AlienBZ, getting all of the certifications sure is a pain in the rear, yes?... Raises my blood pressure just thinking of it.

The only time that my blood pressure would be raised thinking about this is if I had no rides to the testing center & back, and I had to take a city bus (actually, 3 - 4 busses one way) but by the time I'm ready to take the tests I'm quite positive I'll be driving a car by then since Our Good, Loving Creator is already working with me to get me to the point where I'll no longer have to worry about having to take a bus but driving a car to wherever I want/have to go. And I recall very clearly that when I was driving a moped "a Yamahopper" I drove it every chance I got as I wanted to go here, go there, and driving was fun for me, and it was on the easy side, easier and more stress-free than walking a mile to a bus stop, waiting for a bus, rigid bus schedules, busses in our area running only once an hour, having to spend an hour on the bus just to travel 5 miles like say, from home to the local Barnes & Noble to game on the go with these 2 laptops that I got this past Feb - April 2011, and I'll be having my online bus-riding retirement party with you guys after I'm driving a car, and I'm speaking this in faith, knowing Our Creator will definitely deliver.
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Buss Riding
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