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 RAMA The Movie

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PostSubject: RAMA The Movie   Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:12 pm

I am currently replaying the classic adventure game from Sierra...RAMA. If you love Sci-Fi and point & click first person adventuring this is a must play. Few players know that the game was based on the second of Arthur C. Clarke's 3 Rama novels, Rama II. The spacecraft is actually the second to have entered our solar system. The first RAMA having passed by 10 years earlier (in the first book Rendezvous with Rama) . If you haven't yet played this gem and you like to read I would suggest to read at least the second book, Rama II that the game is based on to really understand what is going on in the game and for better details on this enormous ship. But for the total experience I would say to read Rendezvous with Rama first. The game plays perfectly on Win XP with the use of the New Rama Installer that can be found at the Sierra Help site HERE

In addition to all of this it looks as if the movie, RAMA, is back on the drawing board with a possible release in 2013. Seems kind of soon seeing as they don't have a script yet but with computer generation so much a part of Hollywood now I am sure that they could pull it off and I will be the first in line at the big screen theater with popped corn (plenty of butter) in hand.

Quote :
Rendezvous with Rama Clarke's award-winning 1972 novel Rendezvous with Rama was optioned many years ago, but is currently in "development hell". In the early 2000s, actor Morgan Freeman expressed his desire to produce a film based on Rendezvous with Rama. After a drawn-out development process — which Freeman attributed to difficulties in procuring funding — it appeared in 2003 this would indeed be happening.[83] IMDb at one point upgraded the status of the project to "announced" with an estimated release date in 2009. The film was to be produced by Freeman's production company, Revelations Entertainment. David Fincher, touted on Revelations' Rama web page as far back as 2001,[84] stated in a late 2007 interview (where he also credited the novel as an influence on the films Alien and Star Trek: The Motion Picture) that he is still attached to helm.[85] Revelations and IMDb indicated that Stel Pavlou had written the adaptation.

In late 2008, David Fincher stated the movie is unlikely to be made. "It looks like it's not going to happen. There's no script and as you know, Morgan Freeman's not in the best of health right now. We've been trying to do it but it's probably not going to happen."[86] The IMDb page for the project was for a time removed. But in 2010 it was announced that the film was back on board for future production, and the IMDb page was restored with a projected release date in 2013. At the end of 2010, Fincher described it as still needing a worthy script
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PostSubject: Re: RAMA The Movie   Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:37 pm

Very interesting GreyFuss thank you for the information. I really like scifi movies and games Very Happy


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RAMA The Movie
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