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 Kickstarter Fundraising For An Interesting Casual Adventure Game 'Feeble's Fable'

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Kickstarter Fundraising For An Interesting Casual Adventure Game 'Feeble's Fable' Empty
PostSubject: Kickstarter Fundraising For An Interesting Casual Adventure Game 'Feeble's Fable'   Kickstarter Fundraising For An Interesting Casual Adventure Game 'Feeble's Fable' EmptyFri Mar 16, 2012 11:20 pm

Hi my friends,

I came across this game accidentally yesterday morning on Kickstarter, where these people are also trying to raise money to create a game. After researching it out today and corresponding with the gaming company's producer, Melody Brown, I thought I should bring it to your attention. First of all the gaming company is called Atomic Chimp Games and was formed by Michael Ingrassia (a well know artist for some 27 years) for the purpose of continued training and education of some of his former students in the real world of game development. Michael does not take a salary from Atomic Chimp Games because his income comes from his teaching (much of which probably goes into the gaming company anyway). Having been a teacher myself for over 30 years, I can relate to how he feels and what he is trying to accomplish. He is giving his former students a chance and a headstart in the actual business of developing a game. But since they only have until April 1st to raise the money that they need to create the game (and they have a long way to go), I wanted to try to let people know about it now. (And oh, by the way, they are also looking for children who want to audition for the voice of the hero, and other folks for the many characters in the game.)

In the summer of 2011 Michael attended a local art festival in the Seattle area where he was, in his words, taken by the whimsical creations referred to as 'Imps and Monsters' by Justin Hillgrove. The more he looked at them the more the characters seem to come to life. So, Michael approached Justin to discuss briefly if he would possibly consider the licensing of his characters and concept art for a game. Well little did Michael know that Justin also had an interest in creating a video game. They became friends, and from all this a collaboration began for creating a video game. That game is called Feeble's Fable: The Legend of Runes, and this is the link to the Kickstarter Fundraising page for it.

About Michael Ingrassia:

"With an artistic career spanning 27 years, artist and author Michael Ingrassia has worked on many game development cycles and Discovery Channel documentaries in the 3D industry. His work and profile has been featured in several publications such as 3D World and Computer Arts magazines. Over the last several years, Michael has dedicated his career to focusing on training and educating the next generation of 3D artists in the industry. He is currently a senior Maya and ZBrush instructor at the 3D Training Academy ( in Seattle, Washington where he develops classroom training courses on advanced 3D techniques. Most recently he has become a consultant for 3D training facilities as well as the author of "Maya for Games" for Focal Press Publications as well as an instructor for the Virtual Training Company."

About Justin Hillgrove:

"Justin Hillgrove grew up in Snohomish, WA and has been enjoying artistic expression since he was old enough to color on the walls. Mostly self taught, he spent many years in the design industry before setting out on his own to spend his days painting monsters, robots, and other such nonsense. In the last 15 years Justin has worked on everything from books and magazines to collectible card games and toys. His art can be found hanging in many locations and galleries in the USA. He currently lives in Washington with his wife, four kids, a host of chickens, and a dozen or so imaginary friends."

About Feeble's Fable: The Legend of Runes:

"Feeble's Fable: The Legend of Runes is a whimsical 3D fantasy adventure game filled with intriguing puzzles which are integrated into its storyline, for a totally immersive playing experience.

This mystical land is filled with imaginatively created beasts, shamans and a small unsuspecting hero, named Feeble, who is chosen by the elders to embark upon a quest to save his people from extinction. Feeble's Fable- The Legend of Runes is the first in our planned trilogy of this adventure series, introducing the immersive backstory, characters, and setting the scene for the future sequels. For more information about the game, go to their website

Designed primarily as a casual game, players must work through several areas of search and find puzzles to stock up on food, supplies and equipment. Then, a variety of unique and challenging puzzles will prevent the player from advancing in gameplay until the puzzle is solved and the player is rewarded with access to a new land to explore. (Note from Mr. Bill: The producer agrees with me that there should be available a way to bypass a puzzle if you have trouble with it.) All of this is wrapped into a seamless blend of narration, epic music and cinematic animation that blurs the line between visual entertainment, interactive story and gameplay.

Our goal with Feeble's Fable is not to mimic any pre-existing games or be just another cookie cutter genre, nor are we focusing on being the next "groundbreaking" theme. We are simply creating an enchanting world that is fun for all ages to enjoy, and, like a fantasy novel, allows each player to take away a unique experience for themselves."

About Atomic Chimp Games:

"We are Atomic Chimp Games, a small independent game development studio located in Redmond, Washington.

We built this studio to support students who are breaking into the game industry. Our staff is made up exclusively of students and graduates from local Seattle area schools that offer courses in game art and animation, and a few veteran artists to oversee and assist the newbies in honing their skills.

In addition to the professional talent we require for our music score, voice overs and cinematic animations, your funding is going to support these students in getting their start in the game industry. These are the artists and animators who will be creating the future epic games of tomorrow.

"Michael has always been a huge advocate on helping to give passionate students an opportunity to work on real world projects under his close supervision. This is not an easy task, but one that Michael truly excels at due to his love of teaching and ability to nurture the next generation of digital entertainment artists." says Melody Brown, Producer at Atomic Chimp Games."
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Kickstarter Fundraising For An Interesting Casual Adventure Game 'Feeble's Fable'
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