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 Ubisoft Servers Go Down

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Ubisoft Servers Go Down Empty
PostSubject: Ubisoft Servers Go Down   Ubisoft Servers Go Down EmptySat Mar 13, 2010 5:59 am

Ubisoft's new 'always connected DRM , now available on five PC games, has been reported extensively over the past few weeks. One of the first concerns of legitimate game players was that the server would go down and that hackers would hack the games. Ubisoft stood by their plan saying they had the servers under control and were confident they would not go down and that hackers could not hack the system.

However sometimes things just don't work. Ubisoft suffered the embarrassment of pirates hacking Silent Hunter 5 and playing offline DRM free the first day.

If that wasn't bad enough it was reported Mon that you guessed it the servers went down over the weekend and legitimate players were unable to play Assassins Creed II and Silent Hunter 5. Except the hackers who were playing offline.

Ubisoft's statement " Due to exceptional demand we are currently experiencing difficulties with the Online Service Platform. This does not affect customers who are currently playing but customers attempting to start a game may experience difficulty in accessing our servers. We are currently working to resolve this issue and apologize for any inconvenience"

When I first read Ubisoft's statement I was just a tad confused. What exactly did
they mean ? You have to be online and connected to their server to play the game. Their server was down so you couldn't connect so you couldn't play the game. Then it came to me they must have been talking about their other customers the hackers who were happily playing offline.


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Ubisoft Servers Go Down
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