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 The Filmmaker Goes Gold

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The Filmmaker Goes Gold Empty
PostSubject: The Filmmaker Goes Gold   The Filmmaker Goes Gold EmptyTue Mar 30, 2010 1:03 am

In "The Filmmaker", players explore a haunted theater, in an attempt to uncover the mysteries within. As part of their journey, players must go inside several movies created by one particular filmmaker, an enigmatic stranger named Claude Ferucil.

As opposed to being story-centric, "The Filmmaker" is puzzle-centric. It features more than twenty unique and challenging puzzles of varying types. Instead of presenting a cinematic story that develops as the game progresses, "The Filmmaker"'s storyline unfolds through exploration, puzzle-solving, and reading.

See Here and Here and Here

The Filmmaker is now available forpre order. You can pre order it at the Unimatrix Productions website found Here

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The Filmmaker Goes Gold
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