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 Incident At Roanoke

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PostSubject: Incident At Roanoke   Incident At Roanoke EmptyWed Apr 28, 2010 2:21 am

After four years in development independent developer StarLite Moon has released her first game Incident at Roanoke.

Incident at Roanoke is a mystery that you need to solve. Throw in a little time travel, a couple of aliens, a little romance and you have a nice enjoyable little game.

The graphics and characters are a little quirky but this only lends itself to the charm of the game. The dialog is witty and I laughed out loud several times at the things characters said.

There are several puzzles that must be solved. They are logical, on the easy side of difficulty and fit with the flow of the game.

The voice actors did a nice job of acting. I particularly liked the two sisters in Prague. Their accent was great and went well with their quirky characters.

The music in the game was beautiful and fit nicely.

The controls are point and click and easy to use. Inventory is adequate for the game. There are four save slots that are enough for the game. You can choose to have text to show or not show.

Avi files were used for the videos. When the game engine was updated the avi files were converted to swf files causing the videos to be a little blurry. I didn't notice this during my gameplay and it didn't affect the gameplay.

My gameplay was smooth and without problems except for one glitch. When I exited the lab I inadvertently reentered the lab. I was stuck there and could do nothing but reload a saved game.

Incident at Roanoke is a short game taking me about six hours of gameplay. The game can be found an downloaded at filefront. This is a rar file and needs to be opened with a rar file utility.

All in all it was a nice little game and an impressive first effort by StarLite. I enjoyed the game very much and I am looking forward to the next game by StarLite.

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Incident At Roanoke
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