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 Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Keyboard

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Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Keyboard Empty
PostSubject: Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Keyboard   Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Keyboard EmptySat Oct 30, 2010 9:20 pm

Hi all !!

I have a Microsoft Sidewinder X6 keyboard , that I would like to trade for a game or two . I got this keyboard earlier this year , & used it for about 2 months . Since then , I have switched to a Razer Tarantula , & have a Razer Lycosa as a backup . My Sidewinder keyboard is sitting in my closet not being used , & I would like to see it find a good home ! Here is a Newegg link for my Sidewinder X6 :

A picture of my Sidewinder X6 :

Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Keyboard Dsc00212

In the short time I used it , I never had a problem with it at all ! The back lighting was bright enough . It lights up red , & the side buttons on the left side light up yellow . There is one thing . the keyboard lays flat on the desk . There are no flip up stands on the bottom . That required me a day or two to get used to , after that , I didn't notice it . The keys felt good , & they were fairly quiet . The esc key is not in the usual place , but again , I got used to it eventually . For those that may play fps games , the X6 is reported to have a ghosting issue , specifically , not being able to crouch (l shift) , walk (w key) , & reload your weapon (r key) at the same time . I never did experience this issue .

Here are a couple reviews for the Sidewinder X6 :

Here are a short list of the games I would like to trade for :

Jekyll And Hyde (2010 version)
Lost Horizon
Mass Effect 2
Whispered World
F.E.A.R 2 : Project Origin (must be new)
Alpha Protocol
The Saboteur
Tomb Of Zojir
Metro 2033

I'm also willing to listen to any offer that anyone has in mind ! I no longer have the box the X6 came in , so , I will pack the X6 securely in bubble wrap , & in a sturdy box . I would send either 1st class or priority . Probably priority , due to the weight .

Thanks to everyone for looking !!
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Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Keyboard
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