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 The Second Guest in Development

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PostSubject: The Second Guest in Development   The Second Guest in Development EmptyThu May 12, 2011 3:25 am

The Second Guest
by Headup
Episodic point and clicker making a guest appearance in October.
The Second Guest is a spooky crime adventure in a modern 2D-look that is graphically inspired by the works of Tim Burton. A dense atmosphere, funny dialogues and the lovingly designed characters bring a new shine to the flair of mystery thrillers of the 20’s. With a balanced mix of creepy atmosphere and slapstick, The Second Guest offers everything an adventure-enthusiast is looking for. The game features the established point’n’click-control scheme guaranteeing perfect accessibility for all adventure-fans and casual gamers.
The Second Guest includes the first two episodes of the (currently planned) five parts of the whole plot, whereby each episode is self-contained and can also stand on its own.
The game is being developed by Twice Effect, an independent studio, with experts working in this genre sector since the 80’s. Their track record includes working on great adventure classics such as „Jack Orlando“, „The Whispered World“ and many others.
Who? How? What?
Our saga begins in London in 1923 when the young student Jack Ice receives a mysterious telegraph in which he is invited to an opening of will at the old Grace Castle.
Thing is: Jack did not even know the deceased Lord Averton… However, Jack sets out – although slightly irritated - to Little Grace, a small village on the east coast of Cornwall. After he and the other heirs have arrived at the castle it becomes more and more a scary certainty that the old Lord was murdered. And even worse: the murderer now targets all the heirs…
Shortly after the arrival of the heirs a violent thunderstorm breaks and the castle gets cut off from the outside world by a landslide, Jack has no choice but to get to the bottom of things. If he and the others want to survive this night, he will have to reveal the mystery about Grace Castle and also a big mystery about his own past…
Title: The Second Guest
Genre: Point’n’Click Adventure
Developer: Twice Effect
Publisher: Headup Games
Platform: PC
Release: October 2011
About Headup Games
Headup Games GmbH & Co. KG is an independently financed publishing company located near Cologne in Germany, founded 1st January 2009. In close cooperation with its partners Headup Games releases high quality PC titles in the classical game genres while putting the contentment and gaming experience of the customers first. Supported by a strong distribution network in all key territories the products are released to the worldwide audience.
About Twice Effect
Twice Effect is an independent studio that already established its name in the late 80’s with games like Titbit, Scumm and Tiny Hammer. The company then focused on the implementation of assignments in the console-sector. With The Second Guest the company returns to its roots and brings the flair and the atmosphere of a classic point’n’click-adventure to the users screens. With an exciting story, an unconventional look and tricky puzzles the guys prove that they still have got what it takes…

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The Second Guest in Development
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