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 Lost Horizon

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PostSubject: Lost Horizon   Lost Horizon EmptySun Jul 31, 2011 9:23 pm

Lost Horizon

Developer Animation Arts
Producer: Deep Silver
Released: August 2010
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 3rd person
Control: Point and Click

The Story:

1936 a British Military expedition searching for an ancient occult artifact goes missing in the
mountains of Tibet. Soldiers of the Third Riech are also looking for this artifact the hope that
the artifact will advance in their goal of world domination.

Fenton Paddock British soldier released from duty under dishonorable circumstances is making a
living by smuggling and other nefarious means. Fenton is asked to go in search of Richard the
leader of the missing expedition. Fenton and Richard were best friends so Fenton accepts the
assignment. Little does Fenton know that his quest will lead him across three continents with
the Nazis after him. Or that ultimately the fate of the world will rest in his hands.


Fenton is the hero of our adventure. You will play him in the 3rd person perspective. You will
interact with many other characters along the way. Several times you will switch to Kim who
accompanies Fenton on the adventure.
Voice acting is good. Fenton has a very pleasant voice as do the other characters.Some of the
accents are a little off but this isn't a distraction or all that noticeable. dialog for
the most part is good.


The music is good and fits well with the game. for the most part it stays in the background
and does not intrude on gameplay.


Graphically Lost Horizon is a beautiful game. The colors are bright and beautiful. The scenes
are very detailed. There were several places that were so attractive that I was sorry I
couldn't investigate them closer.


Puzzles are inventory based and plentiful.The game is a puzzlers delight. The puzzles
become more difficult as you progress but are easily solved with a little thought.
Some veteran adventure players may find the puzzles on the bit easy side. The puzzles
are logical and fit with the game.


The game installed easily without problem. the gameplay was smooth and flawless. I found
no bugs or glitches. It does take a few seconds for new screens to load.Lost Horizon
is a long game and the average player can expect 15 to 20 hours of game play.

The Main Menu:

You will find:

Load and Save: There are unlimited saves. The game will ask if you want to autosave
before quitting
Options: Contains menu for sound:Music,background,Dialog and Sound Effects
Graphics: Shadow, Cinematic Quality and Animation Texture Quality
Game: Subtitles,Game Help and Inventory (scroll by page or item)
New Game
And Bonus

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Visita, Windows7
Pentium IV 2gHz single core or 100% compatible processor
DirectX 9 - compatible 16 bit sound card (optional)
DVD - Rom Drive
4.5 GB free hard drive space

There is a read me file.
Game disk must be in DVD drive to play the game.

I played on Windows7

Grade B+


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Lost Horizon
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