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 Louisiana Adventure

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PostSubject: Louisiana Adventure   Louisiana Adventure EmptyFri Mar 02, 2012 10:10 pm

Louisiana Adventure is a modern, fully 3D adventure game involving a stylish environment, captivating storyline and, state-of-the-art technology. The year is 1902 and you’ll find yourself in a New Orleans suburb, investigating the most curious case from the Bureau of Special Investigation.
The project, originally developed by Infinion Production, was acquired, redesigned and finished by SilverPlay.

Key features:

Technology Development – When there’s talk about adventure games, the technologies that enable them to be brought to life usually take a back seat. We did our best to create a more spectacular project in a full three dimensional environment with innovative controls and a top notch quality engine, supporting the most recent functionalities and effects.

A Style with a Touch of Nostalgia – Being a truly interesting era, the early 1900s combined with the attractive environment of New Orleans, Louisiana, is an unparalleled period in an unparalleled city. The unique architecture of New Orleans enabled us to develop a really interesting game in terms of design.

Conversation as a Substantial Component of the Game - In conducting the investigation, dialogues play an indispensable role, which is exactly why we offer the option of the dialogues’ real-time segmentation into branched optional subdialogues. We strive to break out of the trend followed by so many other games that pretend to have their dialogues non-linear, but, in fact force the player to use all of the options. The structure of our dialogue goes much deeper, and it affects numerous aspects of actual happenings of the story within the game.

Point Score and Emotions in an Adventure - We don’t take into account whether a player finishes the game, but how he or she gets to the end. We intended to motivate players to think and analyze their steps instead of making passive mechanical attempts to try every option available. To that end, we use an evaluation system based on what we call ‘Detective Points.’ The game will assess the underlying logic and elegance with which a player is taking his or her steps to make progress, as well as the player’s responsiveness to various situations.
In addition to this, each NPC character has the ability to display emotions towards a player. Those emotions could be changed by many choices, deeds or conversation options. Whenever a player changes the emotions of an NPC, that character will react differently – by being more helpful, more frightened or even more aggressive.

Detailed Graphic - Unlike action games, the traditional locations (levels) in adventures are smaller. This approach combined with our state-of-the-art technology has enabled us to develop an extraordinarily diversified environment. We made the textures as well as the polygons more concentrated, which has substantially increased the quality of details.

About SilverPlay
SilverPlay is a privately-owned dynamic company. With our strong vision combined with realistic business plans and hard work, we are achieving an outstanding price-to-quality ratio.
Our services include professional game development on PC, iOS, Android based platforms, graphics design, 3D visualizations, web design, corporate identity and, our specialty: texturing services and Low Polygon modeling.
SilverPlay acquired several game development studios in central Europe last year.

At the moment, SilverPlay is negotiating publisher partnerships
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Louisiana Adventure
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