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 Alchemia Finds Publisher

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PostSubject: Alchemia Finds Publisher   Alchemia Finds Publisher EmptyWed Aug 25, 2010 7:14 pm

Alchemia set for retail release in UK
Lace Mamba Global to publish Alchemia indie adventure.
Lace Mamba Global has now officially announced they will publish Alchemiia in the UK this fall. This will be a boxed retail release.

Like the developer's freeware Haluz games, Alchemia puts players in the role of an unnamed protagonist, who destroys the body of a strange mechanical creature and must now venture deep into an underground city to find a robotic replacement. When he arrives in this hidden city, he finds people skilled in alchemy, but discovers to his horror that the way back is now closed. To help him fulfill his promise, players must sort through the correct interactive sequences and timing in order to proceed through the many screens full of unusual obstacles, both natural and mechanical.

There's a free playable sampler of Alchemia at the game's official website, and you can order the "extended version" with five additional levels and nine new locations for a small cost. The retail version coming soon is the same game as this full downloadable version.

The boxed version of Alchemia is due to hit store shelves in the UK on September 17th.

Springtail Studio Website can be found Here

Play First Chapter Here

Alchemia Finds Publisher AlchemiaFull

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Alchemia Finds Publisher
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